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The History of Car Studio is the History of the Abrami Family. Since 1986 the company has grown in the automotive world, agromechanical, motorcycle, aviation and of the product. The group is valued in the international market in the services of engineering and rapid prototyping. The constant growth of skills and better technology allow Car Studio to face each new design challenge.

Car Studio Italy - Carate Brianza (Headquarter)

Car Studio Italy - Giussano (Manufacturing)

Car Studio Italy - Mariano Comense (Manufacturing)

Car Studio Romania - Alba Iulia

Car Studio North America Inc. - Troy

Car Studio North America Inc. - Los Angeles -CA-

From sketch to manufacturing

In each concept or sketch design is the constant element to any element of a project, as well as providing the foundation for the realization of the same.

The conceptual phase is developed up to the feasibility of the project and then we work on the calculations of the CAS setting to define the component in question. From feasibility studies all the necessary checks in technology, visibility, ergonomic product should emerge.

Producing a prototype of the component, style and technology come together in respect of the quality and quantity of planned and defined cost containments.

In our production department, thanks to the latest technology and the care in the assembly of the components, accompany the client in the pre-series, small series and production phases.

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